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By adding articles to a blog I really do not like the way gives a link on the link in greater detail. There appeared ID and tag #more, which spoils the link. A little warm up and found a way out. There are two ways to fix this link to a wordpress engine to the full news. But the first will not write, because when you upgrade WordPress all come back. But I will tell you who helped me.

We go to the admin panel and go to Appearance. Next, click Edit, and looking in the right panel functions.php

At the end you want to paste the following code :

	function remove_more_tags($link) {
	    $offset = strpos($link, '#more-');
	    if ($offset) {
	        $end = strpos($link, '"',$offset);
	    if ($end) {
	        $link = substr_replace($link, '', $offset, $end-$offset);
	    return $link;
	add_filter('the_content_more_link', 'remove_more_tags');

and everything will work.

Although tag #more and does not duplicate pages, I decided to remove it.

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