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Greetings. This entire blog is dedicated to the question of “how to create a blog for free a novice.” Here a lesson I tell from A to Z like starting from zero knowledge to create your own blog, untwist it to the attendance of several thousand people and make it more than $ 1,000. Yes it’s true. For quite some time I make the Internet more than $ 1,000 (today aspire to pyatiznachoy figure). To learn how to make good money on the Internet, you simply need to follow the lessons and, of course, comply with them.

Why would I want to teach you how to create your blog?

I started this blog to try to teach you how to create their own blogs. I will provide detailed information in a way that even a beginner could to these lessons to create your blog. My lesson, you will realize that creating blogs is not so difficult, it is important to try to understand the meaning of writing my notes, try to study the material provided. If you have questions ask them in the comments, I will answer.

Today blogs have become very popular. They provide an opportunity to share information, to present their product to readers, meet new people, make (the correct approach) and so forth. If you do not think to this day over the opening of your blog may come that time (blog has many famous people – as a reason, probably).

How to create a blog for free

Blogs will teach you to express your thoughts correctly, because you will try to do everything possible so that your reader will understand that in this or that paper you mean. Personally, I engaged in blogging (blogging – the process of blogging), has gained a lot of friends, have little started to earn (currently more than $ 1000 per month!) And did not regret that I went to the Internet not as an ordinary reader, but as a webmaster-reader.

I assure you, when your thoughts are read by tens, hundreds or even thousands of people in the comments and would be grateful to your party, you will be like in heaven, you will feel the need a huge amount of people. All this responsibility make you write posts (articles) even higher quality. And if you have all the traffic will grow and grow, you will be able to advertising and other ways to earn a lot of money. How to earn it, I will be writing in this blog, after we “release” your blog in the Internet. So I highly recommend you subscribe to the RSS-feed to not miss new articles, notes. What is RSS I will tell you soon.

There are some disadvantages of introducing your own blog, but I’m confident that if you try, you quickly pay off these cons. If you will not be able to pay about $ 3-5 a month for hosting (the computer that will “hold” your blog on the internet) if you do not have time for blogging (can not write notes, and so on. D.) , I do not advise you to create your own blog. If you are just hunting pee Wikipedia, and not to pay the money for anything, I advise you to register on LiveJournal (Live Journal – «Livejournal»). There you can keep your own blog for free, but LJ greatly restrict your actions, and you will earn much less.

Personally, I choose freedom and so do the introduction of independent blogs, where you can edit everything, do to your liking, how I want to, not as I offer others. There is a slider, which is called WordPress. So, I’m a normal guy, I’ll tell you how to create a free blog by WordPress.

Rule choice for you if you are staying on the creation of your blog using WordPress (WP), then you have come to the address. And why to create a WordPress blog will suit most, I will tell you in the following articles.

In carrying out lessons to each other, very soon you will learn how to create a blog for free on wordpress and make it really good money.

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I am like making web sites . I will teach you to make websites for yourself and order. Here you can learn the lessons of HTML CSS PHP languages. Learn everything you need to SEO. And also consider working with other programs.

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