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If you are interested in high-end processors from AMD, but now we are together, and look at them. We divide the topic into two categories. At first we choose the most expensive stone among server solutions, and the second among desktop. They differ in first instance, price and amount of the nuclei, a clock frequency, cache size. Of course, server processors can be used in a home computer, but it’s quite expensive though the games it is unlikely to want to play. But they will be useful to those who work with graphics and video applications that require high computing power.

The server version



most expensive AMD Opteron processor 6300 Series 6386 SE
It takes primacy line Opteron. She appeared at the beginning of the two thousandth’s, intended for servers and super computers. Today, most top processor in this series, which I found on the Market – AMD Opteron 6300 Series 6386 SE (G34, L3 16384Kb) and the average price – 93 thousand rubles. Enough expensive for only one computer parts, agree.

Desktop version



AMD FX-9590 Vishera
In this category a relatively inexpensive processor. The best I could find – AMD FX-9590 Vishera (AM3 +, L3 8192Kb) at an average price of 17 thousand. If you collect on the basis of this stone to the computer games, it will be a very powerful one. However, cooling is necessary to pay special attention so as AMD are known for their wild heat. Also be sure to check the power supply, it should be enough power to spare. If you take the same level the graphics card, the PSU is desirable to have at 1kW, no less.

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