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If you’re reading this text, it means that you have the desire to learn how to create websites in HTML. Well, I congratulate you, because a great desire to learn something that’s half the battle. In the case of HTML and in general, almost nothing more is required. Why is that? Because it is very easy! Just a couple of hours, you will have enough knowledge to make, as they say, “on the knee” their own page. Yes, it will be easy and it will not be a super-effects, but it will be yours, own, where each character is written with knowledge of the case. If you, the reader, there is still any doubt, immediately Throw them away! Do not think about anything, just read my lessons and perform tasks. I promise that by the end of this mini course you will know and understand how to construct an HTML page, and how to create it completely from scratch.

Even if you already have your own WordPress blog or other CMS, still sincerely recommend to pass this course and complete all assignments, because you begin to understand how HTML is arranged within, and it is useful to you when working with the blog more than once. Forward!

What do we need?

Well, you still decided and started to learn HTML, but what does it take? What software to download, install, buy? The main thing calm, I’ll tell you everything in order.

Watch: to create a page need a plain text editor. Yes, the same notes that Notepad. But personally, I would advise you to use a text editor Notepad ++. Just go to the page download the latest version of the notebook and install (it is very easy, but if you have questions, feel free to ask them in the comments, I will help). No additional configuration is needed. Simply install and you can immediately use it.

First html document

First html document

But our view is necessary to create a page with a browser. What browser read here. You have already installed Internet Explorer, at least, and perhaps also some other browser (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari). By and large, for us not matter what browser you use, you can use any.

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I am like making web sites . I will teach you to make websites for yourself and order. Here you can learn the lessons of HTML CSS PHP languages. Learn everything you need to SEO. And also consider working with other programs.

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