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Let us begin to do something and learn. Or rather, to learn and to do. First of all, I’ll tell you about the basics of the basics in HTML – on the tags. What are tags, you ask. And I, instead of telling them to immediately show you:

<b></b> <i></i>

These were examples of the tags. Familiar? If yes, then great, but if not, do not worry. Look, any page on the Internet is plain text, but that it looked good and was easy to read, it is necessary to register. For example, when you write a text in MS Word, you will also highlight key words and definitions in italics or bold, make out lists of bulleted or numbered. Here the same principle. Only here is not enough to highlight the word and click on the mouse button. Here it is necessary to conclude the desired text between the tags.

Tags always begin with the character “<” and end with “>”. Refer to the example above, you see? But as you can see, there are still opening and closing tags. For example, the tag “b” was written first without the symbol “/” at the beginning, and then with it. The logic is simple: if we want to highlight some text or just a word in bold, it is necessary to indicate the beginning and end. And there is:

<b>Bold text</b>

Bold text

I hope the above example is clear. But the keen eye of the reader, probably caught this small and lonely tag

<br />

This tag for a line break and he did not have a closing companion. Although you can see that he himself is doing well and closes itself, you see the symbol “/” at the end? But on the other tags is not a ride. The only people who can get up to the same tricks to insert this tag pictures – img, as well as the dividing line hr.
But all this will be discussed later, but for now go to lesson number two, because I see that you are ready 😉

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