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I am Chygyr Roman S., born December 26, 1990 in Mena Chernihiv region (Ukraine).

In 1996, I went to the 1st class of high school number 1 in the hometown of Maine, and in 2008 received a complete secondary education and joined the Sosnitsky agricultural college on specialty accounting, which was successfully completed in 2010.

In 2010 I entered the Chernigov Institute of Business Information and rights, and in 2015 received a degree in System Software.

In 2010 I entered the Chernigov Institute of Business and Information Law (external), from which he graduated in 2013 with a degree Specialist in Accounting.

Since 2010 I worked as a freelancer. I am doing the website for the order, doing promotion in search engines, conduct engaged in advertising campaigns.

In 2014 I started my career as a junior specialist lending OTP Bank. I resigned due to the fact that I was not given the opportunity for career growth, and I would like to be realized not only as a manager but also as head of department.

Hobby – Pool and bike and moto tourism. Repeatedly won prizes in various competitions on tourism. Regularly provozhu time in the gym, and I love to ride a bike long distances.

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I am like making web sites . I will teach you to make websites for yourself and order. Here you can learn the lessons of HTML CSS PHP languages. Learn everything you need to SEO. And also consider working with other programs.

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